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Monday, 9 September 2019

The Instagram Guide for Walt Disney World & Universal Studios Orlando 2019

I cannot believe that just over three weeks ago I was sat basking in the glorious 30 degree heat in Orlando, strolling around the Disney parks and now I'm back in the UK waking up to cold and rain outside my bedroom window. Lovely jubbly. Don't get my wrong, I'm so excited for Autumn and Winter now but could have done with a bit more sunshine instead of rain. 

Before we set off for Orlando this year, as well as planning my outfits for the parks each day I was also planning where I was going to take pictures (you may think that's a bit sad but my Instagram feed says otherwise!). Even if you didn't want a killer Instagram feed then at least you'll have the cutest pictures to look back on from the trip, so really it's a win win situation.

Disney happens to be one of the prettiest and photogenic places in the entire world so I thought I would show you all some of the most instagrammable places to take photos while you're there. 

Magic Kingdom - The Cinderella Castle 

Obviously the Disney castle's are iconic, whether it is a picture of the castle itself or in front of the castle, it's still magnificent and makes the prettiest backdrop. If you're like me and my family and you're more concerned about getting on the rides as soon as you get to the park because it means less queueing time, if you head to the side of the castle by the green areas you can get a cute picture in front of the castle without all the people ruining the shot! These are actually some of my favourite photos ever taken and I'm so glad I coordinated my ears and my dress, don't even feel lame about it! 

Magic Kingdom - Main Street USA, Confectionary Store

One of the highlights of visiting Magic Kingdom is walking down Main Street USA and finally seeing the castle in the middle of the street. Obviously everything is beautiful but my fav store is the Confectionary Store which is pastel blue and pink, everything inside is adorable and looks delicious. Even though I didn't buy anything from here I'm still so obsessed with the exterior.

Epcot - The Italy Pavillion

The theming in Italy is so beautiful and actually has the best food at Via Napoli. Unfortunately my dad isn't the best photographer and cropped the head off Neptune so I wasn't best pleased but the photo still looks so cute.

Epcot - The French Pavillion

The French Pavillion is so cute as well. Round the back is L'artisan Des Glaces with the best ice cream and brioche bun ice cream sandwiches which are actually so yum. But how pretty, the walls inside are pastel blue aka dreamy.

Hollywood Studios - Sunset Boulevard 

So basically, this is such a good location for photos if you're with people who are decent photographers - and my brothers are not. The Hollywood Tower of Terror and the palm trees look so cool, and the tower is pink so yano perfect for the gram. However, my pictures did not turn out so good as they think two pictures is enough to choose from.

Animal Kingdom - Mount Everest 

As you approach Expedition Everest there's the cutest photo location which overlooks everest and the lake where Rivers of Light takes place in the evening. The mountain makes for the most beautiful backdrop.

Universal Studios - Diagon Alley 

There's just something so magical about turning the corner and walking onto Diagon Alley. I had the most insane ice cream from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream - salted caramel with blondie chunks yum - and Gringotts Bank makes the best backdrop. Sugarplums Sweet Shop is also a pink dream, even though I didn't take a pic in front of it because Diagon Alley was rammed, it's still so pretty!

Walt Disney World Balloons

Of course, the Disney balloons will always have a place in my heart, they're so beautiful - on there own or as part of a picture. 

So there you have it, the best places for photos at WDW and Universal Studios Orlando. Let me know if there are any hidden gems as I can't wait to go back!


Thursday, 11 July 2019

Getting Out Of A Toxic Relationship

Whether it be a family member who is toxic (which are seemingly difficult to shake and manage as sometimes you want to maintain some sort of relationship with them), or a friendship, I feel like the most common toxic relationship is a romantic one. The trouble is, when you're in that relationship it's difficult to tell that you're the one in it. Your friends and family can tell and most of the time won't say anything to you or when they do you're in complete denial. It might be familiarity that keeps you in it, or a fear that you won't be fine on your own, or maybe even your judgement is clouded as your feelings are so strong that you fail to see that you're actually unhappy. I'm not sure which one it was with me, but the happiness I feel not being with this person is extraordinary like a weight being lifted off my shoulders and an I can actually breath again.

I just wanted to write a post about my ex boyfriend of 5 years, in a hope that other women may feel empowered enough, have enough confidence in themselves and confidence in their gut instincts to do something about it and leave a toxic relationship. To be honest, I wrote this post over a month ago but when I initially wrote it, it came from a place of anger so I've chopped and changed a lot of what was written. I had found myself in an awful position where the guy I had been in a relationship with for 5 years, had been in a relationship with another woman for the last year of ours. Better yet, they had conceived a child while we were together and that child has now been born. While we have been broken up for quite some time and I've most definitely moved on, I can't help but feel betrayed. After all, he was official with another woman while he was sat at my dinner table with my family, showed me pictures from his holidays and bought us the exact same gifts.

To continue with the story, after finding out about the baby and after I posted on my blogging Instagram account about the situation, the woman who has had his baby ended up seeing. I never in a million years thought that she would have seen my post as my blogging name is entirely different from my personal private account where I go by my nickname, nor did I know that she knew of me as his ex. Of course, life has a funny way of working out and she did see the post and ended up messaging me. It was a nice message and we both ended up sharing details and I feel so enlightened knowing the truth.

On one of their many date nights, I had messaged like normal and she had seen. She asked him who I was and he said I was his crazy ex. He then saved his work phone number on his personal phone with my name and messaged it asking not to contact him again. He then proceeded to message back pretending to be me and showed it to the other woman. He also went on several holidays with her during the time we overlapped. Where ever they went he would still message me as if he was in the UK and would adhere to the UK time zone. I now know that he would message me while he was on the toilet so the other woman did not see.

After the other woman got in contact and I answered her questions and she mine, he messaged me. I have to say he had no right to do so and it was a horrible message where he said how all I was doing was getting revenge - quite laughable as karma already saw to that.

I do not particularly care what my ex is doing now or ever, nor do I wish him unhappiness despite how he has treated me and will continue treating women as I truly believe that he is a creature of habit. In fact, I do not wish him anything at all, instead I wish for others to be able to at least recognise they are in something toxic so that they can take the first steps in leaving.

However, my reasons for ending our relationship did not come from me finding out about his cheating and deceitful lies. It came from me because I realised that I was better than the relationship; he was not providing me with any happiness and I was wasting my valuable time and money on something that did not make me happy. It is so difficult to leave something when you are so familiar with it and as he was my first boyfriend I simply did not know any better. He was someone who was never happy for me or my achievements, who belittled me and discouraged me from succeeding.

I think people need to realise that you will be fine on your own. I cannot stress this enough. You do not need to rely on other people for your own happiness.

Anyway, this was quite a personal post so I hope you have enjoyed reading it and that it helps others who may be in the same situation.


Tuesday, 14 August 2018

My Night Time Beauty Essentials

Sometimes I feel like skincare doesn't get enough recognition. It might be because the packaging isn't as beautiful as a YSL compact, and maybe products just become so integrated into our routines that we use them by habit and forget how fab they are.

When I actually took a min to look into it, I use quite a few products before going to sleep, most of which I keep in my bedside table draw and apply whilst sitting in bed. Although, one of them needs a more accurate application but it's a life saver so while we're on the topic, my acne lifesaver products comes in the form of a tiny bottle which is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. For anyone who is suffering from any form of break out, or simply one little pesky spot, this little magic product has you covered. It really does what it says, completely dries the spot out. You need to apply it with a cotton bud, and it's a pink sediment that then dries once applied. It's honestly phenomenal and I couldn't recommend it enough! 

Before applying any spot treatments I always moisturise. My favourite and go-to product at the moment is the Clinique Moisture Surge. It's a gel formula and sinks into the skin really nicely. I also use this in the morning before applying my makeup and it's just a really lovely product that leaves my skin feeling hydrated which is 100% needed. 

Speaking of hydration, the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is a miracle life saver. I cannot explain how nice this is as a glorified lip balm. For anyone who has dry chapped lips, ditch the cheap lip balms, this will literally save you. I put this on before I go to sleep and my lips always feel soft in the morning without a doubt. I feel like it also sorts out the corners of my lips as they can get really sore in warm/cold weather, so it's just an essential at this point. (I'd also like to point out that I've had this one tube for a year now and it's still going strong!). 

Now onto the lavender scents. I always find that lavender is a really soothing scent and helps aid sleep and helps me to unwind. The Lush Sleepy Body Lotion isn't strictly a simple lavender scent but it's you can smell it amongst some other ingredients but it does smell lovely. I seem to be applying this a lot recently, especially because it's been so hot and I am very very pale so I like to fake tan, gotta keep everything nice and silky smooth! If you're in need of another moisturiser, the Lush Sympathy For The Skin which smells like vanilla banana custard, is incredible. 

Finally, I like to spray the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray or the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray Plus (which is just a strong scent) for when I'm feeling super stressed and need to chill out. I feel like the scent is very soothing and makes me feel like I'm at a spa so it definitely helps me to relax and zonk out. 

I don't know if these products just have a placebo effect or whether it's just the lavender scent in them working but they're all my night time essentials and I hope you've enjoyed reading this post! 

Til next time xxx

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